Sounds Like They’re Shooting A Cannon

From Game Warden Entertainment’s “Once More”


free5I was on patrol during dove seasonin Rockingham County when sheriff’s dispatcher Becky Huffman called me on the radio. It went something like this – “Rockingham County to 423.”

“Go ahead Rockingham, this is 423.”

“423, I’ve got a woman on the telephone that lives up on ____, she says they’re shooting some type of firearm near her home and to her, it sounds like they’re shooting a cannon. You know the woman I’m talking about; you have been to her house several times.”

“10-4 Rockingham,” I replied sarcastically. She was right. I knew exactly who had called. This woman seems to complain about anything and everything. If anyone got near her property or if a shotgun pellet hit her barn roof, she would get upset and call the sheriff’s office. From investigating past complaints, I knew there were corn fields adjoining her property in which many people hunted legally. Since it was opening day of dove season, she probably had been used to hearing the quieter discharge of low power dove loads.slide12