Game Warden Entertainment’s “The Next Book”

The Next BookIn the best-selling follow up to “Once More”, Fran Mundy gives the reader an inside look at the situation he and his fellow officers sometimes find themselves in. “Understanding how and why they think the way they do should help you understand how ….. they perform their duties”

“I sincerely think that we need to create many good memories while we are young to enjoy when we get old. I think this book and my other writings will show you just how important laughter is to all of us Wardens, especially me.”

Check out the Table of Contents to get a feel for the stories and Click the convict below to read Chapter 19 “Let’s go duck hunting!”

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: “What’d you say?

Chapter 2: I can see forever

Chapter 3: Whoa there, poacher

Chapter 4: Tales of oak trees and fish

Chapter 5: Yogi Bear, I mean Yogi Frank

Chapter 6: Taxi!

Chapter 7: Cameras. action!

Chapter 8: Fishing school

Chapter 9: “Bearly” justice

Chapter 10: What’s biting?

Chapter 11: I wasn’t fishing!

Chapter 12: The decoy deer

Chapter 13: Oh God!

Chapter 14: Officer, I didn’t do anything!

Chapter 15: Shoot, son!

Chapter 16: Are you going to shoot?

Chapter 17: My buck deserves the best

Chapter 18: You didn’t say, “May I”

Chapter 19: Let’s go duck hunting

Chapter 20: Timing is everything

Chapter 21: The Mustard Sardines

Chapter 22: “Would you help me serve a warrant?”

Chapter 23: Ain’t nothing but a hound dog

Chapter 24: Gophers, you don’t have gophers!

Chapter 25: To “Love and Honor”

Chapter 26: Two typical everyday Game Wardens

Chapter 27: “Cuz”

Chapter 28: “Turn the dog loose!”

Chapter 29: The makin’s of a Game Warden