Game Warden Entertainment’s “The Movie”


Sometimes a screenplay needs to be “punched up” to make the movie more appealing to the viewer. So just like any other movie’s screenplay, the screenplay for “Game Warden Entertainment, The Movie” has been punched up in several places with snippets from other true stories.

“So sit back, pop a bag of popcorn, get a cold drink and enjoy Game Warden Entertainment, The Movie”, the last book in the trilogy.

Check out the Table of Contents to get a feel for the stories and Click the director below to view Scene 4 “Street Justice”

Game Warden free chapter 3

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Table of Contents

Scene 1: What’s in a name?

Scene 2: Game Warden Entertainment, The Movie

Scene 3: Hot times in Huckleberry Hollow

Scene 4: Street justice

Scene 5: Think you’re so tough?

Scene 6: “But officer I haven’t had a drop to drink!”

Scene 7: The other side of a summons

Scene 8: One of those days in the Rose Garden

Scene 9: What would you think?

Scene 10: Say “What”?

Scene 11: Don’t touch that button

Scene 12: Are you willing to take a polygraph?

Scene 13: You need a biologist!

Scene 14: Just who is the most official?

Scene 15: What a way to close