Game Warden Entertainment’s “Once More”

once_more_bookHere’s the first book in the Game Warden Trilogy. Rewritten and revised after the publisher lost a file (a story for another book!) “Once More” is a compilation of stories (actual events with names changed) that occurred during Frank Mundy’s 33 year career as a Virginia Game Warden.

Often hilarious, sometimes heart warming, these tales tell the story of older times in mostly rural areas of the Shenandoah Valley and surrounding towns, occasionally wandering into “Wild and Wonderful” West Virginia!

Check out the Table of Contents to get a feel for the stories and Click the rabbit below to read Chapter 3 – “Not my rabbit!”

not my rabbit

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Officer, would you have a cup of coffee?

Chapter 2: Wild, Wonderful West Virginia

Chapter 3: Sounds like they are shooting a cannon!

Chapter 4: What are you doing here?

Chapter 5: No Game Warden is going to ever catch me again!

Chapter 6: Were you really going to lock us up?

Chapter 7: Now I’ve seen it all!

Chapter 8: Who’s thirsty?

Chapter 9: Hit in the face

Chapter 10: Not my rabbit!

Chapter 11: You can run, but you can’t hide!

Chapter 12: Reporter

Chapter 13: Make my day!

Chapter 14: No one caught anything

Chapter 15: Survival Eh!

Chapter 16: Now let us pray!

Chapter 17: When fish turn to crow

Chapter 18: Sleeping giant

Chapter 19: Being bad or stupid

Chapter 20: Phantoms

Chapter 21: Tator?

Chapter 22: Which way did he go?

Chapter 23: Evidence does not lie

Chapter 24: What a shot!

Chapter 25: Let’s make a deal!

Chapter 26: Bubba