The Book that began the Game Warden series

From illegal fishermen using “Mental Telepathy” to dove hunters using a cannon, read about it and much more.

Frank Mundy's best-selling 2nd novel

Read the embarrassing story of the “Laurel and Hardy” Game Wardens and their bloodhound named “Killer”

The Finale in the Game Warden Trilogy

Read why “I am glad you did not confess” and “If you say Clark Gable was there, I guess I believe you”

Once More

“Not My Rabbit!”

The Next Book

“Let’s Go Duck Hunting”

The Movie

“Street Justice”

Frank Mundy

Retired Virginia Game Warden


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The Next Book

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The Movie

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The Outdoor Report

Virginia Wildlife Blog


Licenses & Permits

“The call of the wild is sometimes sung by a loon instead of a wolf.” Some of these loony events have been recorded by Game Warden Frank Mundy.

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Made clear in these pages are the deeds of hunters and fishermen gone bad, I call them “Alien Adventures in the Outdoors”.

C. Santos


Loved all 3 books! Good entertainment from a Virginia story teller/Retired Game Warden.

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The ones about hunters shooting at decoys are hilarious!

Len C.

IT, Ethernetworks

“About 30 seconds after you meet Frank Mundy, he will be telling you a story.” Mundy’s stories cover the funnier side of being a Game Warden.

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Reading the stories, you will get a kick out of what some people tried to get away with and what they do and say when they get caught.

K. Sheck